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SunStar was created in 2009 by two visionaries with 40+ years experience in the auto industry. They realized how many phone and Internet leads were being mismanaged by the sales management and team. They realized the importance of these ups and started out to create a process driven follow-up design for both phone and Internet leads.

After six years of dedication to their centralized BDC, SunStar has evolved into a highly disciplined, strictly measured, and ultra-efficient BDC

Call us today at 888-241-2842 or email Jennifer Kidd, our BDC Manager, at to learn more!

A Review from One of Our Satisfied Customers:

SunStar has been a huge help for me. Now that SunStar is handling all our leads, I just worry about the customers when they get here. Jennifer and her team do a great job of following up and getting people in here to look at the vehicles.  When we started with SunStar we were averaging around  12 units per month from Internet sales and now we are averaging 27 per month.



Chad Fritsche
Internet Sales Manager