Our Services

 Inbound Sales Call Management:

·  Handle all inbound sales calls on behalf of the dealership

·  Report all appointment sets and shows to appropriate parties

·  Monitor metrics to maintain consistency and performance targets

·  Employ call management technology to convert more appointments

·  All Coordinators are overseen by a professional phone trainer

 Outbound Call Management:

·  Expected outbound call volume >60 per Coordinator per day

·  Measured Contact Ratio

·  All calls recorded for coaching and training purposes

·  Weekly Reports measuring progress and opportunities for improvement

 Internet Lead Management:

·  Handle all inbound Internet leads

·  Follow-up for 120 days by email, phone and text

·  Maintain OEM compliance

·  All Coordinators are graded monthly to ensure expected performance

·  Coaching and Training is on a continual basis

 Measuring Approach to assure reaching expected metrics:

·  Average response time

·  Contact ratio

·  Lead to Appointment Set Ratio

·  Appointment Set to Show Ratio

·  100% CRM utilization rate

·  Exceed 30% Lead to Show Ratio 

Mission Statement

The mission of SunStar Network is to best leverage auto dealers' major investment in Web real estate and digital marketing. 

Through a customized detail and disciplined follow up process, SunStar Network strives to turn all web generated opportunities into sales appointments.